Understanding Design

Designing is just a phenomenon.
It can be studied scientifically, rationally, and systematically.

Research on designing draws on logic, cognitive science, philosophy, psychology, sociology, ergonomics, management, systems theory, and anthropology.

My particular interest is in describing “designing” tasks both formally and informally to develop theories of how it happens.

Some selected publications include:

A Systems View of Bioinspiration: Bridging the Gaps
N. Hoeller, M. Farnsworth, S. Jacobs, J. Chirazi, T. Mead, A. Goel, and F.A. Salustri. 2016. INCOSE INSIGHT, 19(1):36-40

Using balance variables to describe system interfaces and assess in-progress designs
F.A. Salustri and D. Rogers. 2015. Proc of ICED15: the 20th Intl Conf on Engineering Design, Milan

Reformulating CK theory with an action logic
F.A. Salustri. 2012. Design Computing & Cognition; J.S. Gero (ed); pages 433-450. College Station, Texas. Springer Science+Business

Designing as Balance-Seeking Instead of Problem-Solving
F.A. Salustri, D. Rogers, and N.L. Eng. 2009. Design Principles and Practices, 3(3):343-356

Visualizing Information in the Early Stages of Engineering Design
F.A. Salustri, N.L. Eng, and J.S. Weerasinghe. 2008. Computer-aided Design and Applications, 5(5):697-714